DS106 Facing Your Fears

As humans, we all have fears. Some are scared of spiders or snakes, but the biggest fears may not be physical things. My biggest fear is being bored with life. I never want to be broke or unemployed, but if my career was boring or unsatisfying then I would give it up. I would wather make less money doing something that I loved to do.

Working as a dumpster man, john makes a good living. He has enough money after bills and expenses to spend on hobbies and toys. The only catch is that he hates his job. He is unhappy everyday on his way to work. His favorite time of the day is when he gets off and goes home. He is stuck though. John believes that he can not leave his dumpster job because he will have to get a job that pays him less. There is the option of going to school and getting a good paying job that he likes, but he is afraid that he will not have the money or energy to go to school and be a dumpster man.

John’s situation is like many others in the modern age. A lot of us work jobs we are not happy with just because of the money. John’s story is my worst fear. I will do whatever it takes to be happy in life. Work takes up a very big portion of one’s life so it should not be an exeption. Money is important, but not as important as living a great life. My goal is to find a medium ground and do something that pays well and makes me happy.

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